Creating a 2D Corpus Explorer (Video Tutorial Series)

Creating a 2D Corpus Explorer

Here is another video tutorial (as a series of 4 smaller videos) for you FluCoMites to chew on. Code along with me to create a corpus slicing, analysis and exploration patch in Max.

I’d be grateful for any feedback, positive or negative on the tone and content as well as any indications if you got stuck or I wasn’t clear about something.



For me this was a solid 4 part introduction and I’m very thankful for it and I would advise that you do more but I’m well aware of what a huge task these things can be to produce.

A couple of things, I did comment on the YouTube videos, but comments there are often like the Wild West…

  • The linked .maxpat files lead to a 404 error apart from the 4th version.
  • When I downloaded and pointed Max at the latest version and loaded this 4th version I got some missing objects. It’s probably me forgetting to do something silly and easy, it usually is but I thought I’d ask here and say hi anyway!

Hey @mrhay and welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks for engaging with the series, I’ll address your feedback inline.

This should be fixed now as I’ve updated the links. Can you let me know if it is not?

It looks like you’re on a Mac. can you confirm for me that the package is in:

/Users/yourusername/Documents/Max 8/Packages

for me?

This problem usually arises when fluid.libmanipulation.mxo doesn’t load up properly because its sensitive to where it lives.

Welcome again!

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this is true - and also that it needs an init file to map all the objects to it - it is a library in a box!

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Ok right cool and thanks for the response. I wasn’t aware that the package was a little fussy. I plonked it there and it seems fine right now!

And yes I can confirm that the links now lead straight to a download prompt. So nice one for sorting that out. I’ll get digging and explore.

P.S. If Dr. Green is still with you lot, please say hi from me.
Stay well out there.

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Hey, Kev :heart: Hope all’s hanging well in the antipodes xx