Data Sanitization (centroid vs Nicol-Loop)

Not really a bug report, but the categories available for the TB2 stuff don’t leave a lot of scope for topic types.

So after yesterdays FluCoMa chat I decided to test out the data sanitization stuff that @alicee brought up and that I further speculated on.

I created a filter peak filter hyping the centroid around the sanitized point and recorded the before/after results).

Here’s a (shitty phone) video showing the results:

And here’s the audio only (mosaic on left channel, drum loop on right):

To my ear the one without the centroid bump sounds worlds better, particularly in terms of the spectral response, whereas the one with the hyped centroid ends up having a random filter sound, as opposed to sounding like it is centered around that frequency range.

This is obviously a slightly exaggerated example here, but I guess it shows that with this kind of “artificial value” sanitization, that you end up potentially throwing out resolution around those points.

(I also tried changing the centroid sanitization point to 100 and re-ran the analysis, but I think I did something wrong along the way as my results were exactly the same)