Dataset parsing

I formed a dataset elsewhere but Max fluid.dataset complains it cannot parse the data. I’ve compared with a dataset generated inside max and which works by loading it in to confirm that the object works at all so there must be something wrong with my formatting, but for the life of me I cannot find it. I thought the issue might be with the keys in the dictionary, or the points in lfuid-speak.

The dataset is here: (11.7 KB)

I vaguely remember someone posting about this a while back (@spluta or @tedmoore)? That could have been an SC->dict-specific problem though.

That json looks good to me. shrug

@rodrigo.constanzo is referring to a confusion in SC between whether the keys should be strings or symbols (similar to strings in SC, but a different type). But this is after the json is read into SC, so I doubt it is relevant to @jamesbradbury’s Max issue.

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Maybe the parsing errors could be a bit more verbose to help indeed. @weefuzzy might agree or not.

Here it reads in Max on the tip of the dev branch. Let me reboot in Alpha06…

EDIT: it loads in alpha06 too. Something that happens often is that I forget to put the path in “quotation marks” so Max only passes what is before a space and therefore loads an unexisting path and instead of telling us that it does not exist we get a parsing error. So my question, and sorry if that is not the case, but is your path valid and conformed?


If I conform the path it comes out exactly the same.

Redownloading the alpha6 of toolbox didn’t fix it. Feel like I’m being gaslighted here.


@jamesbradbury jamesb read not load for coming in from file.

load is for parsing a JSON fragment directly (in Alpha 6), or a dict from the the next release


ARGH - okay thanks!

EDIT: I wanna heart the answer more

Yes, they are a bit generic at the moment. IIRC there’s a bit of a challenge with the JSON library we’re using getting meaningful errors to propagate in a way that we can use

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Sounds like a fun job! Maybe you could test the symbol/string for an extension. Then before you hit the library for parsing it can warn you. Or you know… i could RTFM.