Discourse plugin to auto-select "code"?

I imagine there’s probably a plug in for this, but at the moment, when people pasted longer bits of Max code (long enough to create a scroll bar in the ‘code’ window), it’s not easy to select the code.

If you drag and select, it eventually scrolls the whole webpage and ends up selecting everything above or below the code too. So you have to do this delicate dance of selecting only what you want.

Ideal would be something like the c74 forum where there’s a one-button-click to copy the code, but if not, something to contain the selection.

YES! I totally agree!

If you find such plugin send along and I’ll install it. Otherwise I’ll ask the cycling people as soon as I’m off the road.

Here’s a theme:

Not sure how that kind of stuff is installed for discourse, but looks fairly straight forward, and would be perfect.

Great! Will install straight after my studio session with Kasper.

should be done now - it works for me but you have to reload the page if it has been cached.

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