Discourse update?

I’m seeing this when I visit the site on Safari (14.1.2):

I can’t even login/logout/search (on a second browser posting this).

All the other forums I frequent that use discourse are showing up fine.

Was there some kind of update last night that would have broken things?

Changing user agent and disabling extensions has no impact either.

I have indeed updated it all. It is not broken here (Safari on Catalina) (nor on Chrome)

Why is your Safari so old? Are you still pre-Catalina? I only do minimal (security) upgrades on this machine and yet I’m ahead of you, that is a very rare situation, my dear @rodrigo.constanzo

My studio computer is on Mojave, and that’s as far as it’s going to go (2012 mac mini). It can technically upgrade to one more OS, but I’ve learned from experience never to update to the “final” OS it can update to.

The office’s Trash Can Mac is on the latest it supports (Big Sur) and it works fine - Catalina has been super good on my current laptop but the move up from High Sierra was a pain for all the sandboxing that got really intense…

I remember reading bad things about Catalina so I was scared to update, plus this is a pretty old computer anyways, so don’t want to push it.

And checking the discourse webpage and it looks like discourse 3 drops support for Safari <15, which is a shame.

I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t nerf the ability to post/login/logout/etc… It’s basically just a “reader” webpage now on my main browser.

we were on 3 for a few weeks. I’ve upgraded to 3.1 this morning. Sorry if that messes up with your experience.

Yeah it’s been fine until today, literally.

I did see something about having support for older stuff until jan 23, so maybe 3.1 finally flips that switch or something.

Timing isn’t great as I’m doing a talk for NOTAM tomorrow, and I’ll have to juggle browsers, but such is the bleeding edge of technology!

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I hope that if enough people make noise on meta.discourse then they might bring that support back…