Error message string concatenation typo/error

I got these error reports in my Max console today (for reasons unknown, which I haven’t been able to repeat (which is potentially a problem in and of itself, but as I have yet been able to narrow down what/why, only just mentioning it in passing here)).

fluid.bufspectralshape~: Input buffer onsetsinvalid start frame 42284
fluid.bufloudness~: Input buffer onsetsinvalid start frame 42284

My buffer is called “onsets”, so it appears that the message reporting is failing to concatenate the string together properly (missing a space).

Since it’s happening at least on two objects, I would imagine the same is the case across all the objects, and potentially for other error types(?).

It won’t be for other error types, but it will be for every invalid start frame message with wrapped real-time objects. Thanks for the catch.

To be fair, it’s concatenating the strings just fine, it’s just that one of them isn’t a space :grin:

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