Facial Perfomance Tool

^ link to the repo (and my first ever public repo, yay!)
Hey all, this is my first submission to the community here, and my first exploration of the flucoma toolkit.

In essence (ignore the pretentious summary in the readme, im an electronic music and computer science student, we are often encouraged to write like this for our assignments :rofl: , the project uses pretty simple DSP processes to resample and manipulate prepared audio. The fun in this project comes from its conjoining of flucoma and faceOSC (I link and cite this repo multiple times in my README and in my patch in case you guys wanna try this all out.

My last 2 weeks of studying flucoma, has been the first I ever heard of MFCC, or attempted to even go near a neural net, and wow what an absoloute pleasure this has been.

I’m sharing partly for feedback, but also as a show of gratitude to how awesome these forums and the youtube content have been for self study and ensure good grades HA!

p.s I have cited flucoma amongst the other external works I used in the project, would a moderator be able to tell me if I have appropriately cited the flucoma team, or if I need to change this :slight_smile:


Dear @cc00

Your post is music to my ear - this is very much the kind of exploration we hope to enable! A few comments:

  • is there a video demo of it somewhere? That would motivate me to read even further and try the code…
  • indeed we are not yet in the package manager, I am curious if that created many problems for you?
  • the citation of the toolbox is still ambiguous for us. People in academia might link to the icmc paper that presented it, and there is its related video introduction but we need to make a little systematic how to cite like our good friends of Bach have done… so more on that one soon!

thanks again for the props!


My apologies there!

this link should let you see it, i ammended the permissions :slight_smile:

Cannot say i had any issue with flucoma not being in the package manager. I wouldn’t imagine this is an urgent matter; as a user experience the documentation is much better laid out than those packages in the manager. Installation obviously being simple click and drag, I suppose the only issue that arrises is it makes the flucoma package (packages already feeling like an esoteric topic to most max users) pretty obscure and hard to come by, I struck gold with your work just through luck of a good youtube search.

And thanks for the guide on citation ! Will be sure to include this in my assignment.

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