FluCoMa in gen~ and RNBO~ 👾

hi dear all,
i wondered if anyone of you is using FluCoMa inside gen~?
one step further, i’d be very curious to find out, how to compile FluCoMa for the use in RNBO~. It would be amazing use it on a Raspberry or inside a vst plug-in.
thanks and all the best!

as far as I am aware, there is no rnbo~ sdk yet, and it needs its own set of object, so that would be another wrapper or a significant extension to the max one…

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indeed there is no rnbo sdk public yet. @a.harker or @jamesbradbury might have insider info then can or can’t share… I like the idea though!

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thanks pierre! if i got it right, gen~ works within rnbo~ so maybe it could be deployed for gen~?

again, gen~ has its own set of compiled opcodes/objects and I haven’t seen an sdk for extending it…

I imagine at some point there will be a rnbo~ SDK, so having native FluCoMa externals for that would be absolutely mind-blowing. I imagine it will be a non-trivial task since it will be, presumably, quite different from the generic Max SDK. Hopefully the structure of FluCoMa at large (core library + environment/language wrappers) will mitigate that enough for it to happen, but that level of coding is quite beyond my grasp.

The desire has been flagged in other instances and is known to the team who make RNBO. No timeline can be offered :slight_smile:

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very curious what will come out of this!

any news on the topic yet?

Considering cycling has not yet released a gen~ SDK, the chances of a RNBO one within a few years is unlikely. I recommend you look there first:

and when they announce it, then we can try to find out if/how we can make it happen, we being a team of volunteer now, so if you know anyone who has free time with C++ expertise, send them my way :slight_smile: