Flucoma on Arch Linux

Hello everyone

Just wanted to say for those (probably few, but still) of you on Arch Linux (or Linux distributions based on it, like Manjaro for example), that I have packaged the CLI tool and supercollider plugins so that they are super easy to install if you have an AUR helper tool like yay installed.

To install the SuperCollider plugins:

yay -S supercollider-flucoma

And / or the cli tool:

yay -S flucoma-cli

I would package Reacoma as well if I could, but Reaper only allows to install such scripts in the home directory at present (which is a nogo zone for arch packages). I will maybe make one for the PD version as well, but I don’t use PD so I am probably not the right person for that.


Feel free to e-mail me, or just @ me here if you want to do a workaround for ReaCoMa. I’m not a super duper arch user but am aspirational.

@madskjeldgaard welcome to the forums, and thanks so much for taking this on!

Thanks James. I don’t think there’s anything we can do until REAPER permits “global” installation of scripts unfortunately. I ran into this problem with other Reaper extensions as well that I wanted to package unfortunately.