FluCoMa on M1 / ARM for SC

Hello all,
considering whether to compile SC for ARM and was wondering whether one has to take into account anything special with the installation in order to use FluCoMa? Can SC be compiled for ARM and FluComa used without problems or should on stick to the Intel version?

Hi @jan,

I don’t know the current status of building SC itself natively on silicon – I know there’s been some work on it. Probably best to ask on https://scsynth.org/ . As far as I can tell the latest pre-bulit packages are still x64 only.

As for our stuff, I think @jamesbradbury has done M1 builds for the CLI and Max (?), but no-one’s tried for SC.

To compile a plugin natively for ARM I think it is as easy as passing -DCMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES="arm64" to cmake. The bigger problem is that the current release versions of SuperCollider are intended to be run under rosetta, so nothing will work that way. I’m not really sure what most people are doing but I think it easiest to run under Rosetta for now till SC produces distinct ARM/Intel builds or makes a fat binary. You could of course compile SuperCollider yourself but I’ve no experience with that.

Good old @madskjeldgaard might have the nuggets of wisdom you desire @jan

Thank you @weefuzzy and @jamesbradbury! In fact i already wrote in that thread and waiting for feedback on how easy compiling is for ARM. But from what i hear and the open question i gather that i’ll stick to SC x64 until theres safer releases and more done troubleshooting. All this command line compiling on M1 (for e.g. Ircam apps) has been a proper nightmare for someone who’s not fluent in this like myself!