Fluid.(buf)transients~ @clumplength has no description in reference file

Looks the same as the other error where there was no info populated to the reference file on build.

Weird, it’s there in the source. I’ll track down why it’s not getting rendered.

Meanwhile, it’s a time hysterisis: if a bunch of ‘events’ happen within clumplength samples, they’ll be collapsed into a single one, to help avoid over-detection.

I want to say I’ve seen that in a couple of other places (though I should have mentioned it (or I could have misremembered)). So it’s possible some plumbing isn’t intact.

The plumbing for the documentation generator is mostly composed of buckets and hope at the moment, although it’s slowly improving. We still have an irritating manual stage in the middle of everything, which increases the scope for things to get lost.

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What, are they all stored in buffers?


:laughing: fluid.bufdocumentation @numomissions coming your way soon.

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Hopefully it doesn’t default to 4096!

@weefuzzy this is part of the corrections I’ve done in fluid-docs. Did I mess up this one? It is on the repo… and in my latest public… Or did @rodrigo.constanzo forgot to download the updated docs one as we proudly announced here ?

@tremblap thanks! I’m several branches away from everyone else at any given moment, so – indeed – I won’t have seen your updates on what I have checked out at the moment. Apologies for impugning your good name.

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It’s ok, it gives me the occasion to tease you both :slight_smile:

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