Fluid.bufmelbands~ numBands error bug?

So when I instantiate this object:
fluid.bufmelbands~ 20 @source ---onsets @features ---melbands @fftsettings 256 64 @minfreq 100 @maxfreq 15000 @numbands 20 @numframes 512 @blocking 2

I get the following error in the console:

fluid.bufmelbands~: numBands value, 40, above parameter maxNumBands (20)

I’ve been seeing this for a while, but I’ve been ignoring it as I’ve been moving between a bunch of patches and figured I was loadbang-ing something incorrectly somewhere, but checking now with an empty patch, that’s definitely not the case.

So in this object, I’m declaring the maxNumBands as 20, via a vanilla argument, and then specifying @numbands 20. If I right-click the input, I can see the via the pop-up menu attributes that everything is set to 20. Nary a 40 in sight.

What’s especially peculiar is if I remove the argument of 20 (as in fluid.bufmelbands @source etc... etc...) I no longer get the error.

Is there something funny going on here?

(this is using the version of fluid.bufmelbands~ in the TB2 bundle)

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This is a known bug of error checking order. It does not change any behaviour and will be sorted soon-ish, please ignore.

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Hello all,

I instantiated bufmelbands~ with the following arguments:
[fluid.bufmelbands~ 10 @source monosample @features sample_MEL @numchans -1 @numframes -1 @minfreq 20 @maxfreq 20000 @fftsettings 1024 -1 -1 @numbands 24]

For some reason the number of bands only goes up to 10, even when I send a message [numbands 24] it goes back to 10.
Am I missing something?

Thank you

Yes, the first argument you give (10) is the maximum number of bands. It is an instantiation parameter and cannot be modulated, and will decide how many channels you’ll get in your output buffer. One day, we’ll make it disappear for the buf version but for now it is like that. Sorry!

What the heck… Right in from my eyes… I spent so much time trying to figure out this… :man_facepalming:

Thank you!