Fluid.bufstats~ taking frame/chan messages

I originally mentioned this in the thread about descriptor comparisons but it has gotten lost in the shuffle there.

Would it be possible for fluid.bufstats~ to take messages for frame and chan arguments? That way you can be more granular with the data you process, and in some (many?) cases you can skip a fluid.bufcompose~ step in a processing chain.

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If I understand your question well, my version here does it. You mean the same interface as all others, i.e. startframe, numframes, startchan, numchans ?

If yes, check your compile time, but if you have the ones I sent during the plenary, you have the same as me.

Ah right, I see.

The helpfile doesn’t mention them as attributes, but they are still used later in the helpfile.

That could potentially save a bunch of time in my patch as I can just do stats on the bits I need.

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