Fluid.buftransientslice~ features

Hello !

Is it possible to have the following attributes as messages so one can change them on the fly:
source, numChans, numFrames, startChan and more importantly startChan. ?
Or all of them ?

See you !

you can always send attributes as message, dear! Check all the helpfile, I change them all the time!

Oh ! Yes indeed !
The thing is that I do not know which ones can be changed in a “clean” dynamic way (channel number, thresholds etc) and the ones that should not be changed after instantiation (fft size, function etc).
Or are all parameters programmed in a way one can dynamically change them all the time ?

But still: for fluid.buftransientslice~, I want to change the channel number I am slicing in. startChan $1 as a message does not exit so I need to go thru the ‘attrui’ object.

I am not sure these questions are very meaningful though and I have the impression we talked about it before… So sorry about that.

The patch here shows a little my question: Fluid.buftransientslice~

yes the are all now, except those set as arguments as in the help files. so maxFFTsize cannot be modulated, but fftsize can be modulated up to that (and will be capped at that without crashing) - same with HPSS maxfiltersizes

All Max attributes can be changed with a message… not just ours, but all of them. Imagine the world I’ve just opened to you :wink:

Yes but there is a difference between attributes and messages. I think that difference is what can only be set during the instantiation is only given as attribute.

actually, there are differences, but not like that one. Some attributes can be instantiation only I think, but none of ours are. @weefuzzy will confirm what the difference is in the Max API should you want to know, but for our objects, none are instantiation only. We have put those who were are optional arguments.