Fluid.buftransientslice~ parameters


I have been trying fluid.buftransientslice~ using the short jongly.aif Max example audio file.

I find it extremely difficult to find the right parameters.
-> I do not know in which order I should tweak them; if there is an order to proceed…
Maybe there are too many parameters for just slicing a buffer ? Or do we need presets for each type of sound and segmentation ?
-> Doesn’t it take too much time of calculation if one want to experiment with parameters ?

Here is the patch:

the trick here is to process a small portion, or to use the real-time version, to prototype the parameters. This is how I’ve been able to tweak them for what I want in term of quality-to-computation ratio, and also to understand musically what each parameter does. Let me know if the syntax of the process message is not clear.