Fluid.bufview.js unhappy in last update?

Don’t know when I started experiencing it, but whenever I use fluid.bufview.js I get a couple error messages in the Max window. Everything seems to still work fine, but still a bit annoying:

jsui: fluid.bufview.js: Javascript ReferenceError: buf is not defined, line 135
jsui: error calling function bipolar [fluid.bufview.js]

Did something change in the js code for it in the last update?

Git says the file hasn’t been changed since March.

I saw that error message in my console this morning, but can’t reproduce now.

Yeah it’s odd, I’ll have multiple instances of it up, but only one will complain.

Maybe an order of instantiation thing with regards to buffers?

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That’s certainly possible

it is sorted in alpha06 - it was me doing loadbang of stuff before assigning a buffer.

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I’m still getting it in the (plenary2) alpha06. Unless you mean the “real” 06 yet to come.

Yes. The plenary’s alpha06 was alpha06alpha and was given to you all with the caveat that everything might change as the fruit of bug finding and interface naming after discussing them with you. It is on its way, with a lot of changes.

Now I’m tempted to call the new one Alpha06a…

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I guess after that update I won’t be able to make jokes like numAlpha06?

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You can always make the jokes you want. As long as you do not expect us to laugh…

Seriously, the method is alphaNumSub


Still getting the problem in alpha07.

I cannot reproduce then. Maybe a Max8 issue?

Actually check the patches that use it, like mfcc, the way I instantiate in there with deferlow. If you get these errors in your own patches, that could be the problem, as you pointed at earlier.

Is there not a way to setup the code so it doesn’t try to load a buffer on initialization or whatever to avoid throwing up errors?

feel free to try, i didn’t find one. Actually your problem is trying to set params before a buffer is loaded. hence the defer low solution working in my patches and all the help

Hmm. Ok, I’ll try that.

Does the Max/vanilla version of it have the same problems?

p.s. adding deferlow doesn’t completely remove the problem.

Problem is still there in beta00.

Although I get a slightly different message:

jsui: fluid.bufview.js: Javascript ReferenceError: buf is not defined, line 137
jsui: error calling function bipolar [fluid.bufview.js]

Is fluid.bufview.js doing something fundamentally different from the core warpy2.js that never throws up errors like this?