Fluid Corpus Manipulation Toolkit for Max, SuperCollider and Pure Data - version 1 release

Dear all

It is with great pride that, after almost 5 years of development, 19 alpha and 9 beta releases, dozens of nightly builds, more than 30 workshops, and hundreds of feedback from early users on everything from its sound to its interface, we are pleased to release version 1 of the Fluid Corpus Manipulation Toolset.

It brings an ecosystem of extensions to Max, SuperCollider, and Pure Data, for programmatic sound bank exploration via machine listening and machine learning algorithms. It also provides a learning platform, and a forum to discuss these questions of musicking with datasets.

Try it, learn it, discuss it at flucoma.org

Main development of the codebase and learn platform by Owen Green, Gerard Roma, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, James Bradbury, Ted Moore, Jacob Hart, Alex Harker, with significant contributions by Alice Eldridge, Balint Laczko, Chris Keifer, Daniele Ghisi, Francesco Camelli, Gianluca Elia, Hans Tutschku, Lauren Sarah Hayes, Leafcutter John, Mads Kjeldgaard, Martin Dupras, Michael Zbyszyński, Mike Cassidy, Mike McCormick, Nicolas d’Alessandro, Niklas Adam, Nikolai G., Olivier Pasquet, Rebecca Fiebrink, Richard Devine, Rob Clouth, Rodrigo Constanzo, Sam Pluta, Till Boverman, Timo Hoogland, and the many workshop participants.


Congratulations and thanks to all!!!


Massive congratulations on this acheivement and huge thanks to the many gifts that FluCoMa has brought already and will bring looooong into the future!