Fluid.dataset question

Is there a way to add a point from a list (message).
I have analysis data in a dictionary. Right now I’m first iterating through the list, poke the values into a dummy buffer to take that buffer as reference for addPoint. Is there a more straightforward way?

There’s not yet a way that avoids buffers, but [listfunnel]->[peek~] is more straighforward than having to iterate the list.

Providing your dict uses your labels for keys and datapoints as lists for each key, this is how I’ve gravitated towards converting to a dataset.
Screenshot 2020-05-10 at 08.51.02

In the first alpha it’s frustratingly impossible to encapsulate and re-use this, because the fluid.dataset must have a dimensionality given in the box, and can’t be ‘re-pointed’ in the same way as dict, coll, buffer etc. Both are restrictions are gone for the next update, and there will be an abstraction for doing this.

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