Fluid.demosound.maxpat has absolute file paths

I think @jamesbradbury pointed this out a while back, or it at least seems familiar.

When loading up a help file with a fluid.demosounds.maxpat in it, I get the following error in the console:

sfplay~: can’t find file choses:/Users/pa/Documents/documents@hudd/research/projects/fluid corpus navigation/research/flucoma-max/media/Tremblay-CEL-GlitchyMusicBoxMelo.wav

It’s because it’s in a b patcher that it doesn’t load the path properly. The abstraction could be adjusted to take a loadbang from the outside.

The native part of demosound.maxpat doesn’t have the same path issues, but perhaps because the files are “internal” to the app?

I just added new sounds and probably forgot to clear it before saving. I’ll investigate

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