Fluid.fft~, fluid.cepstrum~, fluid.formant~?

What do you think of a fluid.fft~ and a fluid.buffft~ ?
a fluid.cepstrum~ and fluid.bufcepstrum~ (real and complex ?)

and… :))))))) hahahaha

fluid.formant~ and fluid.bufformant~ Hahahahaa

They’re in progress :wink:


I just edited my post by adding some other cool gadgets. :star_struck:

Of course you did :wink: To be more explicit: a buf stft (and inverse) is in the works, but wasn’t planning a non buffer version (for which there are other options). For the ceptstrum, you can just have my framelib patch ;-p

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you can just have my framelib patch

Yes indeed ! Thanks !

Noice. I want these.

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