Fluid.grid pure data

I was looking through the documentation for fluid.grid pd. I cannot quite understand what the documentation is saying ( it was provided as a zip file from a while back.

Are the attributes the initialisation for the pure data object? There are 3 outlets for the object. But what do they do?

On the fluid.grid, in the demos, if there are 103 data points, is it mapped to a NxN grid where N**2 is nearest to 103?

In any case, i’ve built the flucoma-docs, and it isn’t totally apparent how to use the pd objects. Anyone have a bunch of examples, other than the ones in flucoma-pd/examples ?

First, an apology: indeed the pd help and examples are lagging. We keep a strict vanilla-pd discipline and that makes the translation of code quite more involved… including having to code our own 2d plotter and such niceties.

Second, for example code, our YouTube max tutorial series have accompanying patches, and these have been translated. I attached them here, and they are less documented but with the tutorial you should be able to follow.

pd-starter-patch.zip (19.1 KB)

I hope this helps a bit, and stay tuned for more stuff in the next month or so

It would be great to have one with fluid.umap and fluid.grid usage but I guess I’ll have to wait for the upcoming releases.

the 5th Max video tutorial by @jamesbradbury takes the patch of the 4th and adds UMAP on it, and as you have the finished PD version of the 4th stage, it might be easier to follow… otherwise they are coming indeed.