Fluid.hpss~ helpfile typo and phase problems

In the “mode 1” tab of fluid.hpss~ there is a typo in the live.tab object:


Aso, it seems to be that the “source” vs “harmonic/percussive” should be either/or, as I was initially confused why the source+harmonic was sounding like the percussive output (and vice versa).

If I disable “source” then the harmonic/percussive layers sound normal, but with two selected (source+harmonic, or source+percussive) the phase issues make it sound backwards.

actually, on further listen, I think something is borked in the helppatch here. Have a test and listen

Thanks for catching the typo. The point of all that business was to demonstrate that it does null sum after processing, but I agree it’s not actually all that clear in the end, especially when you have source + one-other-thing. I’ll revisit the idea for the layer object help files.