Fluid.kdtree~ helpfile crash

The crash report doesn’t look like anything fluid related, but I opened up the fluid.kdtree~ helpfile, and when I closed it I got an instacrash (as in, Max disappeared instantly).

fluid.kdtree~ crash.zip (35.2 KB)

This is interesting - can you reproduce? I can’t but I have been able to crash after a few bad object errors from the other thread, and it is all pointing towards Juce… but it might be us, @weefuzzy knows these things, I’m sure he will pick them up when he’s back from holidays, but if you had a more reproducible patch that would be helpful.

It’s not happened since, or often. If/when it does I’ll save a crash report and bump the thread.

OK thanks. Even better if we can reproduce since we have better versions (much slower) that help us hone in the problem…

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Still kind of random/erratic behavior, but another crash report.

crash2.zip (34.0 KB)

If it’s us, then it’ll be indirect as the thing that crashed there was Max trying to paint something:

 com.cycling74.Max   ToolbarMeterSliderComponent::paint(juce::Graphics&) 

Reading up the rest of that thread, it looks like it was some kind of memory related problem, but it’s not clear what.

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