Fluid.nmfmatch~ crash when changing dicts

Can consistently get the help file to hard (instant) crash.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. open “Pretrained Piano” tab on fluid.nmfmatch~ helpfile
  2. open [p rankshuffler] subpatch
  3. shuffle those ranks
  4. play the piano loop
  5. send message of filter pno-dict-shuffle to fluid.nmfmatch~

It doesn’t crash if you aren’t sending audio when you switch dicts.

Attached are a couple of crash reports.

I’m on OSX 14.14.1 with Max 8.0.2

Archive.zip (71.3 KB)

nice catch - it actually crash on the 2nd buffer change independant of input. I’ll let @weefuzzy know.

Thanks both – I’ll look at this.

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Thanks again @rodrigo.constanzo for reporting these. I’ve pushed what I think are fixes, and will let the mighty and thorough @tremblap put them through their paces. I now understand the Max buffer API a little better :wink:

sorted now. Do you want a new version or can you wait until alpha03? Happy to send along to anyone who wants it.

I’m not bothered. I only found it while looking through patches, not through something I’m actually doing.

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