Fluid.nmfmatch~ crash when deleting buffers

I haven’t been able to figure out the steps to reproduce, but it’s happened more than once.

Basically when working with the patch posted here:

I sometimes get a hard/instant crash if I delete the buffer associated fluid.nmfmatch~.

A couple reports attached.

Archive.zip (77.2 KB)

I can reproduce easily (take the guit example and delete the guit-dict-sum buffer as you are matching and be patient a bit) - thanks for this!

sorted now. Do you want a new version or can you wait until alpha03? Happy to send along to anyone who wants it.

Got @jamesbradbury’s patch from this thread to insta-crash Max when renaming a buffer associated with fluid.nmfmatch~. Posting the crash report here in case it’s something different as this time I was renaming vs deleting (though I guess they both deal with instantiation)

Buffer Crash.zip (34.0 KB)

as I said, it is sorted. I can send hotfix if anyone needs it, as Alpha03 has a lot of things in it that needs checking… and the debounce is still not sorted which was my threshold for release…

Right, didn’t know if it was the same bug or not, since the behavior was different (renaming vs deleting).

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