Fluid.noveltyslice~ instacrash

Open the help file, change the FFT size to 8192, and the kernel size to 100.


Using Max 8.0.6 on OSX 10.14.5.

Here are two crash reports.
Archive.zip (61.7 KB)

Scratch that, it crashes a bunch just trying to use the helpfile.

Trying to change the FFT size and/or kernel size instacrashes for me 80% of the time.

Looks like the reference file says “This cannot be modulated.” for a bunch of parameters.

Is it not possible to lock that out then? For example, the @latency attribute in fluid.ampslice~ is read-only.

Or at minimum, if a user does modulate the value, return a red error and not crash Max.

have you tried modulating those? It behaves as you request… red max window, no crash.

that is a real bug though! I’ll put a report in. thanks

Oh right, that refers to the max versions of each. No, I didn’t mess with those. It’s the @attributes that were giving me hard crashes.

same here. this algo is quite new in its real time application so it is likely to be ‘fresher’. thanks for the report.

Oh, I forgot to add that I don’t get crashes if I instantiate the @attributes (like, naming the object with them), only when I change them using attruis.