Fluid.plotter broken in latest Pd update 0.54

Hello there,
reporting as per subject, fluid.plotter is broken in the latest Pd 0.54, at least on my machine, Linux Mint 21.

The object is created fine, but when one clicks with the mouse on it, the mouse draws a standard Pd array, rather than navigating the datapoints (datapoints disappear in the background of the array).

Unfortunately I’m in a production rush (got a premiere very soon), so I had to revert back to Pd 0.52.1 to keep working. I can try to help debug by installing flucoma on an old laptop with the new Pd version, if it’s helpful (cannot ensure when though, but do let me know, I’ll try my best).

oh no, it was on my radar to check if the new PD broke something. I’ll come back to you soon.

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ok I can reproduce, watch this space, it seems there is an issue with my xy.pd hack. that object needs recoding in C and that will happen but for now I’ll have to find what changed…

ok, good to know! in case, let me know if you want me to test something
Thank you

I just need to troubleshoot xy.pd but that is already a nightmare - I reckon the donecanvasdialog order of magic numbers has changed (which would mean a nightmare-ish checking of version for our thing to work)

I need to check ELSE’s code to see what was updated there

arrgh, I see. fiddling with those objects isn’t fun :open_mouth:
yes agree is good to check ELSE, maybe Porres would know if asked?

ok I’ve been in touch with Porres via the pd-discord and also the list. Nobody could confirm but I can confirm there is a change of behaviour in the superimposed structures getting (or not) the click message.

I’m doing a full bug report now, it messed my brain but I got it in the end :wink: I don’t know if we can do a fix until the fix Pd (or if that was a fix on their side that messed up behaviour forever)

more soon