Fluid.transients~ SQLite error message

Little error message when exaggerating with fluid.transients~'s order set at 200 OR when somehow loading the external.
sqlite_exec: 11 (database disk image is malformed)
sqlite_exec_query: UPDATE _things SET _used = _used + 1 WHERE _name = “fluid.transients~” AND (_kind = ‘patcher’ OR _kind = ‘object’)
Database corruption has occurred. Closing database and attempting to restore from backup…

And a small crash when setting parameters randomly by hand while dsp is on. I think I was playing with the “window size”
crash_fluid.transient~.txt.zip (65.1 KB)

this is bizarre. I’m pretty sure @a.harker’s code is not using sqlite at all.

That’s a max database error. Max caches things like object names in an SQL database for things like autocomplete.

@a.harker I cannot reproduce, do you have a suggestion for us? Rebuild the Max database?

I agree that seemed strange. I will have a look later and it indeed can be only on my side while doing strange things. I’ll check again.