FluidDataSet from Buffer

So, if I have a Buffer with all of the items that I want to put into my data set in it, shouldn’t I be able to make a number-labeled data set just by saying:

FluidDataSet.fromBuffer(s, myBuf)

Currently I have to go point by point, convert each point into a Buffer, and add the point to the DataSet.

Seems silly.


How rude! :rofl:

This was interface design 1. We all agree with you that faster ways of feeding the dataset. This approached of one gigantic buffers has its charm (n’est-ce pas @weefuzzy and @groma) but has a complication: we are removing the fixed number of columns from the dataset (to make them more flexible) so this would need an extra argument of the width of the data… but yes, a bufcompose + fromBuffer message would be clever indeed, and other mass manipulations are being tested/challenged/devised

One way for you to do that now, is to make a json file and load it. Save one to see the format, and it is going to change, but for now, you can easily make it with the few elements it needs.

Just bumping this back into view. Not sure why we don’t make a DS from a buffer. The .process methods give me a buffer. I should be able to just shove this into a dataset, especially with the FluidDataSetQuery, which would allow me to create a DS and cull it.

Instead I have to load to float array first, which is fine, just probably slow, and I don’t want it to be slow.

Do you mean what the good old FluidDataSetWr is doing? In kr, this is what is happening in the loop of our facilitators (processSlice) or maybe I misunderstand you…