Framelib Max objects

Hi Alex, PA,

Not sure whether this topic goes here or into code sharing or completely outside of this forum.
Move it to whatever category you find fitting.

During your presentation of the Framelib you mentioned that we should contact PA, as he wants to see the learning curve (learning wall).

Thanks, Hans

@a.harker is collecting a few names I think. At the moment there is interest fro the tutorials from @pasquetje @frederic.dufeu4 @rodrigo.constanzo and yourself I think. @jamesbradbury might have other names. The plan was that we finish with me at least until the next step, and then test the level on other people, which should be soon.

Ok. I know that you hesitate to make another category on discourse. But would it make sense to share questions about framelib usage not mingled with flucoma code usage?

definitely, this will be transfered to interesting links. @a.harker can decide where he wants to host framelib discussions, since it is his brainchild.