Framelib Slides / Demos

Here are the slides and demos:

Latest test version of frame lib is here:
but get in touch with me, PA or James if you want to test properly.

Issues with framelib are logged/managed here:


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I was just enjoying the last talk by @a.harker on the Youtube channel and wanted to delve into Framelib then strumbled on this thread – the link for the slides/demos appears to be dead – is there a way that could be revived?

would much be appreciated!

They are probably out of date now - please check out the build GitHub.

There’s also a framelib discourse - which is covered in the GitHub readme:

Thanks for your interest!!!


excellent, thankyou!

I helped write some of the docs for FrameLib, and I know Alex is a busy man — so if you wanted some face-to-face time to get started with it tag me here and I’d be happy to offer some time. FrameLib rocks!

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