From .wav to loudness mean to numbers

Hi there,

From .wav to loudness is ok. fluid.loudness~ !

1/ I’d like to export this loudness values for each channel as numbers.

2/ Ideally, I’d like to set a resolution feature.
For instance, I have a specific amount of data, I set the number of values I want, and I can export all these values more or less averaged.
For instance (bis) I have 1 hour of data (loudness calculated over this amount of time, and I tell to the system I want only 1 min in the end. It calculates how many points it needs, then, it downsample / average /smooth the whole data to give that amount of point I need (1min)

This is the same question I could have for other kind of descriptors analyzed with flucoma. but if I got the idea/system to do that for loudness, I could extend that to any other kind of data from analysis.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @JulienBayle,

If I’m understanding the task correctly, it sounds like you want to resample a time series of data so that it would “playback” in a shorter amount of time than the original?

For example if you analyze an hour of audio for loudness that might be:

(44100 samples per second * 60 seconds * 60 minutes) / 512 hop size ~= 310078 loudness values

Then if you want to play this back over the course of a minute (here I’ll assume you want to play it back at audio rate) you would want this to become

44100 samples per second * 60 seconds = 2646000 samples

Is this what you’re thinking?

It looks like the [bufresample~] object in the HISSTools might be what you’re looking for (HISSTools are available in the Package Manager).

Hi @tedmoore, thanks a lot for your answer.
I didn’t even know about [bufresample~] which, only for that, is a VERY interesting answer.

My intention was even simpler than replaying these.
Just want to use these numerical data as… Numbers. Floats.
For totally different goals (doing visual print with this, etc)

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