Getting FluCoMa to install on Max 8 on Win 8.1 (edit json file)

Although the Max/MSP Package Manager states that FluCoMa beta 6 is compatible with Win 7 on up, I got an “OS not supported” message in the Max Console when I tried to install it on my Win 8.1 laptop via the Package Manager.

I found a workaround:

  1. Navigate to C:\Users\ [ your username ] \Documents\Max 8\Packages\FluidCorpusManipulation

  2. Open package-info.json in Wordpad (Notepad ignores the tabs in the file)

  3. Find: “windows” : {
    “platform” : [ “x64” ],
    “min_version” : “10”
    Then change “10” to “7”

  4. Save and close: the Max Console error no longer appears and FluCoMa appears in the Package Manager.

  5. During and after attending the amazing workshop by @tedmoore and @tremblap in Baltimore last night my 2D Sound starter patch works (mostly).

n.b. this is a report, not advice - ymmv!


Thanks for the props - it was a fun workshop indeed!

r.e. windows7: I wonder if @weefuzzy is doing :scream: - he is the mastermind behind the code base, so will know what is likely to explode :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the report! It’s never been tested on Windows 7 / 8, and won’t be officially supported, but good to know that it seems to work with this simple change. This might well change in future versions depending on what bits of C++ we use – Microsoft have a different approach to other compiler vendors in terms of keeping binary compatibility between versions :grimacing:

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