Getting transients markers for midi notes storage purpose

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I’d like to know what would be the usual practice with flucoma for getting all markers of transients from a buffer.

The idea is very basic: get them and create midi notes
I don’t want to do that live. I’d like to get a setting, dump the whole detection as midi notes, another settings, dump etc. Generating different midi material from different settings (from the same audio file)

Basically, I can get transients with many objects. but would you have a best practice here ?

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there are many approaches but to start with, here are 2:

  • use bufampgate to capture onset and end-of-notes, a gate
  • use bufonsetslice to get the onset positions

in both cases, get the sampling rate of the file you load from info then convert in whatever unit you want the list you get with buf2list (it’ll be in samples)

I hope this helps

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Hi @tremblap, and thanks for your answer which helps totally. I’m unfortunately not working as often as I’d like with flucoma (teaching max and more a lot these weeks) so I loose habits with it :sob:

But I have many projects which finds their solutions and tools within flucoma.

Thanks again.

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