GitHub integration

A lot of the time when we are collaborating on here attached patches get quite bloated and people add improvements or change small aspects of what one person has contributed and update it in another post. In so far it hasn’t been that difficult to keep track but I imagine a new user entering now has basically no chance of seeing previous work.

I thought it might be nice for there to exist a ‘discourse git repo’ that people can fork and push and pull into with fairly liberal automatic merging. This way there would be a more tangible record for collaboration. It might also function to collect all the snippets that are being made, rather than have them be massively buried in comments.

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It would be great to have a bunch of “user patches”, as part of the repo, or maybe even part of the package?

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This is what the ‘examples’ folder is for. At the moment, it is P.A. and @weefuzzy as users, but there are some @spluta examples that were forwarded, and @groma has made some sexy GUI in SC to explore different segmentations and we planned to put them in there…

There’s been lots of cool patches on the forum. All the MCish ones I posted. @leafcutterjohn’s cool segmentation comparison, etc…

I’ve tried, as much as possible, to update all the threads/patches I shared when syntax has broken, though I don’t know if I’ve gotten the most recent sets of breaks fixed.

Maybe a “call for examples” is in order?

Perhaps an admin curated selection on the forum which then makes its way to the package. I’m not trying to dictate how things would be run but having one place to look at a collection of really cool things is way better than digging through forum posts and it might get blown out if everyone was posting patches yet again and then possibly discussing them.

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