Help required: nightly testing

Dear all

We are in a spree of bug fixes and eventually hope to add some features… with 3 fantastic creative coding interns and @a.harker (and others) trying to catch up behind :slight_smile:

If you are excited, available and work on some deep coding, you can help too! Coding using the nightlies instead of the last public version (not for gigs!!!) is a good way to help. Nothing should change but improvements !

thanks to all who can help



Looking forward to bug fixes! I managed to make a nice slew of them while you were offline :wink:

Is there a link to the nightlies?

I saw :slight_smile: We’ll see what our fantastic team has the time to go through amongst many other (more exciting I think) tasks :slight_smile:

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introducing: @lewardo @MattS6464 @fearne


A massive typo fixing has been pushed on Max (thanks to @MattS6464)

(there are also plenty of bug fixes that shouldn’t change anything in the behaviour so please run test that)

Pd helps are being cleaned, don’t worry. In the meantime, Pd and SC users have also a few bug fixes under the hood so any strange behaviour report “welcome” (aka we hope they don’t need to exist :slight_smile: )

Please do not download the nightlies, they crash now - or do but know they crash :slight_smile:

that’s the point of nightlies - I’m investigating

@a.harker saved the day (and the nightlies :slight_smile: )

all ‘safe’ now (although hey, these are development compile so gig with them at your own risk!)

and Pd has had a mega help file clean up (thanks to @MattS6464)