Help writing a query for datasetquery


I’m having trouble figuring out a query I’d like to perform on a dataset (in this case it’s the normalised UMAP data from the recent 2d corpus explorer video)

I’d like to filter the slices that are within a bounding box of the UMAP space so I can export them to a buffer. Here’s my attempt where the variables are x1 y1 x2 y2

clear, filter 0 > $1, and 0 < $3, and 1 > $2, and 1 < $4, addcolumn 0, addcolumn 1, transform normalised normalised-filtered

This does not produce any output. Can someone instruct me on how to properly query 2 columns of a dataset, each with 2 conditions?


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This should work, if you have any value in column 0 that is greater than $1 and smaller than $3 and for the same points in column 1 is between $2 and $4.

Is that what you are trying to do? If so, are you certain you have any item for which these conditions are true?

ha of course the process of re-writing it in the forums is where I fix my typo. got it working now. thanks for the reply!


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