How to use the RTClient classes (C++)

Hello all,

I have been trying to hack an iPlug2 plug-in using flucoma RTClient classes, but I am struggling to create the ParameterSetView that I need to pass in to the constructor. I’ve tried looking at the various wrapper classes but there is a lot of template wizadry that makes my brain hurt. Could you put me out of my misery and tell me how I should create the ParameterSetView for e.g. LoudnessClient ?



I’ve done with @weefuzzy’s help workarounds to use our algorithms directly in openFrameworks, but a more principled solution is probably better for you… If Owen says it is not super possible/easy, I’m happy to share my work-in-progress on the c++ playground

Hi @olilarkin,
If we had C++ documentation yet, it would probably say that the <X>Client classes aren’t really there to be a human API, whereas those classes in fluid::algorithms are rather easier to use directly. (The clients’ interface is primarily for the convenience of the compiler at the moment).

That said, it is possible to make a parameter set by hand but it’s also butt ugly. Is your mission to wrap a small number of FluCoMa-ry things into iPlugs or to have an iPlug version of a swathe of clients that feels the same as the Max / SC / Pd objects? If the former then it’s probably less painful just to work with the algorithm classes. If the latter, then we can delve into template-y goodness.

In either case, I should warn you that interfaces etc aren’t at all final yet, especially for the Clients.


Ta! Would be cool to auto-make a swathe of clients easily useable in iPlugs, but for now I’ll just peak inside the RTClient classes and see how to use the algorithms on their own.

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