Ideas for nmf~ usage

This might inspire some of you… it certainly gives me ideas!

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That’s the one I was talking about! Juanjo did it, if I remember correctly.
I didn’t know he sold it for 60€ now :slight_smile:

Super old bump here, but Music Hackspace just had (is actually still having) a livestream, and JJ Burred (the Factorsynth guy I guess) is going into some detail is to how things work.

(@m.zbyszynski is also one of the people presenting)

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This is a great bunch of people. Will it be archived you think? If so, please curate a playlist of the nice bits :wink:

Hopefully they archive it. The factorsynth part has been kind of interesting, though a bit long for what he’s explaining (a lot of it has been about the workarounds of getting something like that to play nice inside Live, rather than the underlying NMF-ing).