If you have tried any AI or ML software

A project that shares similar ideals than us, MIMIC, is doing this survey:

If you have an opinion, you can help them by filling it.

I filled it in.

A lot of loaded questions in there!

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Out of curiosity, has anyone anyone else gotten a beta/invite email from AIVA?

As far as I know, there’s nothing about me being into AI/ML on the web anywhere other than this form I filled in, so I’m wondering if it the googleform keeps track of the email address of those who took the survey and then the MIMIC people made that available to other people (if so, this is super shitty).

I didn’t - but I’m not as famous :wink:

That makes me even more suspicious because if they found me via the FluCoMa page, you would have been on there first…

I filled the form too… but maybe, you know, I sent the invite right in spam without looking! I get so much of it…

I really feel like I have missed out on the Sea Shanty mode…

Have you tried it yet @rodrigo.constanzo? Even in jest?

Heh, nope. Don’t want to download and/or register for a beta of some uber corporate software like that.

If you’re interested in it I can sign up for the beta, and pass it over to you.

emotional soundtrack music…yeah! i’m changing gears!