Input buffer 0x600004a7d040: not enough frames

At the moment I’m getting an error message complaining about the input buffer not having enough frames.

I don’t think that’s happening in the patch itself (but I could be wrong about that), but the purpose of this bug report is how it reports the name of the buffer.

Double-clicking the error message takes me back to the object which is great, but it would be better if it reported the actual name of the buffer.

fluid.bufspectralshape~: Input buffer 0x600004a7d040: not enough frames
fluid.bufpitch~: Input buffer 0x600004a7dc80: not enough frames
fluid.bufloudness~: Input buffer 0x600004a7d640: not enough frames

this happens when you define the end of calculation after the end of buffer (instead of crashing) so you can check your address your sending to the objects, and you are likely to overflow at times.

As for user feedback, at one point I’m told by @weefuzzy that the cryptic buffer name will be translated to the actual buffer name :wink:

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Yup, this is on the radar

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