Interesting Links

Rather than sending tons of emails around, I figured it would be great to have a central post where we can share interesting links.

Basslet (haptic feedback):

Great interactive blog post explaining the ResponsiveAnalogRead library for Arduino/Teensy:

The Touché (terrible name!) controller:

(they recently came out with a cheaper SE version that doesn’t have hardware MIDI and CV I/O and is instead just USB-MIDI)

monome norns (embedded “music computer”):

musical segmentation of long sound sequences ??


Benjamin Hackbarth’s audioguide:

I am sure you know this :slight_smile:
It is very pedagogical:

Articulate sounds together both horizontally and vertically. Something like the old Diphone but generalized.

Demix using NMF (Non-negative matrix factorization):

Sound decomposition using wavelets for instance: using Lastwave:

ECRIN European project at Ircam:écrins

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Perceptually-Informed Textural descriptors

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Seeing Circles, Sines, and Signals:

Animated Guide to Compression:

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The compression example is almost perfect. I wish they had a visualisation of the lookahead short description at the bottom, and a generalised signal-flow too, but otherwise it is amazing.