Kaizo Snare - the blog post

So it took me a while to write, and it’s a doozy (14.6k words), but here is the blog post/breakdown of Kaizo Snare:


It covers a lot of ground, including the FluCoMa stuff, as well as turntablism, the snare approach, onset descriptors, 3d-printing, robotics, etc… I also get into some of the details of stuff that wasn’t included and where things will go next.


At a glance, this is incredible reading! And as usual, superbe visual and even more superbe content :slight_smile: If you allow me, I might push on the project’s channel when I’m back on social media?

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And yeah, go for it.

Finally got around to uploading this…

This is Kaizo snare played on the 15th of December last year (not long after the initial gig) in Porto (Sonoscopia).

We had just gotten our new camera and didn’t know how to get the settings right, so it looked awful/grainy, but we since got a nice plugin for sorting that.

Not having heard this particular performance since then, it was nice to hear back. I didn’t feel great about it after it happened cuz I couldn’t hear myself in the room too well, but the recording holds up well.

May also be of interest to @jacob.hart as a point of comparison.