Labelled signal outputs in real-time decomposition objects

I noticed that none of the three real-time decomposition objects (fluid.hpss~, fluid.sines~, fluid.transients~) have labelled outlets when you hover over them.

They all say () outlet 1 (signal), as opposed to something like groove~s sync outlet which says (signal) Loop Sync Output.

Just means going back to the helpfiles all the time particularly since they’re not all in the same left-to-right (transient-like-thing / sine-like-thing) order.


It is on the radar of @weefuzzy already, but there is one error in your description:

they actually are in the same order :wink:
name of the object then residual

so for sine = 1)sine 2)resid
for trans - 1) trans 2) resid
for hpss… wait for it… 1)h2)p3)rest

I mean that “transient stuff” changes side (which it should, since the focus of each object is different), but I meant that it’s confusing since it’s not standardized to be “transient stuff on the left”.

it is just another standard: name of the object on the left.

Yeah I know. That makes sense.