Last projects

I actually worked on two small projects in which FluCoMa is involved, albeit at its very basic level, mostly linked with amplitude and pitch detection (did I really need a super complicated toolkit to do this? no, but it is nice to start understanding something about this).

Anyway, the works are linked in my latest portfolio, it’s celycib~ and radiocib~. I am linking this not to show my other works too (still appreciated if you do), but because a bit of the context is explained.
You can find a further recording of radiocib~ here

In conclusion, I just watched the new tutorials and I am extremely grateful for that. I hope to have the time to concentrate on developing new stuff with that!

Ciao and thanks everyone for everything


First, this is great! I’m happy you managed to integrate in M4L too. And no problem is too small when dealt with musically. I’ll read the text to understand the thinking and the code.

From a sheer sonic perspective, I’m jealous of how many cool radio channels you still get in your country via airwaves; the section of musicking clarinet, drums, and spiel is great too, however it’s done! And I think you multiband squashed the master, it sounds fat yet noisy, and this is very much in my musical tastes alley :slight_smile:

Congrats again!

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oh, you use FrameLib too @a.harker will be happy to know :slight_smile: You should definitely post to that community will like it too!

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