Limiting Number of Output Slices

One thing I really like about REAPER’s dynamic splitting by amplitude is the ability to constrain the number of slices in two modes. You can do it right to left (boring) or by ‘best’. Best produces quick results and is a fast way of splitting up your sound often in ways that would take ages aurally/manually. In other words its a nice way off of offloading some selection process.

Thoughts about including a flag for this in the slicing objects?


It also might raise some interesting questions about what you deem to be the ‘best’ and how applicable that criteria is across different segmentation techniques i.e novelty vs transient

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this is already on our radar - i.e. get the most convincing X slices. thanks for confirming it is a good thread to explore. It was @groma original idea, and I loved it a lot straight away!

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For me personally, it feels like one of those processes that is dead simple and works fast to take you somewhere new with your material. Look forward to seeing it in future toolboxes :slight_smile:

Not sure what Reaper does, but one easy idea is to request a number of slices instead of a threshold. The threshold would then be choosen to produce that number, or the closest you can get, with respect to a given novelty curve.