Linear predictive coding?

While I’m making requests for filter-y things, might as well throw this one in the mix.

Kind of based on what @tremblap mentioned in this thread:

There are times where having some kind of LPC would be useful when used in conjunction with mel-bands etc…

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Yes! LPC World be handy.

Agreed. But now that the code base is public on GitHub, it is time to invite one of your C++ friend to start contributing to the code base too! The list of things we would like to do/implement is a lot larger than the hours of development time we have… I think @danieleghisi will know what I’m talking about :slight_smile:

@tremblap: indeed :slight_smile: And you have a huge advantage on the bach code, which is: your code is actually beautifully written :slight_smile:

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I will take no credit for that: @weefuzzy and @groma and a bit of @a.harker - these are the artists