Links missing in

Hey, I am a new user, just started having a look to FluCoMa, so sorry if this thread is in the wrong section.
I was navigating a bit in the Learn part of and I found out some links mising or just plain html, here is the list:

(I had to put it here cause "new users can only submit 2 links per topic)

Sorry again in case of wrong section or if this has already been reported (did a quick search and have not found anything)

Thanks @gionogio! You’ve discovered my shame, which is that learn.flucoma is (a) a mess and (b) seriously stalled :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

Basically, I never really got up any momentum before more urgent things always came along. However, that’s all about to change as we swing into more of a engagement mode now that the code has settled down. (I’m currently starting on our first sets of workshop materials)

I’m not yet sure what this resource needs to be, however (which never helped with getting up any speed): it doesn’t feel like the internet needs another MIR explainer, and I wouldn’t be the right person to make one. So, out of curiosity: were you there looking for something in particular / hoping to find something?


I have the misfortune of being in too deep to comment objectively but I feel like the knowledge exchange could be somewhere that filters the discourse in some key ways. Yes, we can search to find things but there are so many interesting and I would dare say canonical patches on this forum that could serve as interesting case studies to be picked at in a formal setting. Perhaps even just deep diving some of the topics in the context of a single patch could be fruitful and service a wide range of skill levels.


Hey, don’t worry I’d be actually super happy to help, only thing: I am quite ignorant.

For example when you’re referring to MIR, you mean Music Information Retrieval? And what do you think could be the best resource? Maybe one could link stuff in the Learn section instead of writing something new! (This could also lead to the problematics of the growing use of acronyms to express ourselves, I guess particularly due to the technological development - what if this leads to a more sort of elitist language, excluding so people who don’t have enought knowledge about a topic? But this is a serious digression and I am sorry for this! ahah)

Anyways, I was not looking for anything in particular, more like looking for inspiration for a project I am trying to work on, but since - again - I’m quite ignorant, and especially super newbie witht these tools, I was also looking for a place to start.
After visiting the site I started browsing help files in the actual Max package, it seems there is something but I guess the documentation there is also not complete?

Maybe in the next future I’ll keep on asking using this forum!
Thanks and have a nice day!


Thanks for your input, both!

For example when you’re referring to MIR, you mean Music Information Retrieval?

I do! Me taking that for granted definitely shows that I need to get out more :joy: is pretty good, albeit it assumes some maths and, like MIR as an engineering disicpline, has a functional, problem-solving orientation. Likewise

Maybe one could link stuff in the Learn section instead of writing something new!

That’s certainly part of the plan. I guess part of the thing that missing from the world are some more musically orientated, intuitive explanations of what some concepts are (e.g. what are MFCCs, why might they be useful?), and suggestions about how to work creatively with this stuff. As @jamesbradbury notes above, starting to distil some of the experiences and creative abuses already documented on this forum might be useful.

On the contrary: that is gold because it helps remind me / us of some basic barriers to joining in that we can easily lose sight of. The acronym-soup / terminology blizzard is definitely part of that: it points to the need for glossaries but perhaps also things in the vein of the old Max object thesaurus. Maybe I’ll start a glossary thread here to get things rolling.