Linux PureData User wanted

Dear all

My dear 4 favourite Pd users

I wonder if anyone is on Linux using FluCoMa. If yes to both, and if you have a minute of spare time, I’m curious about how the fluid.chroma~ help from our nightlies looks on your machine. For them to work you need Pd 0.52 so as far as I know you need to compile yourself…

I was getting crashes, then they work for a bit, on Ubuntu 20. In Ubuntu 18, they open but look very ugly - the font sizes are all wrong. Before I go lose another day trying to get another Linux to run on my machine, I wondered what flavour you had and what it looked like…

I can take a look on pop OS tonightish potentially.

I actually got a lot of cool answers from the Pd list - if one runs Pd 0-48-1 upwards (which we require for the help stuff) and a decently recent OS with TK that behaves, they look fine… I now have 2, soon 3 versions in parallels (Win, Ubuntu done, and then I’ll give arch a go :slight_smile: )