M1/big sur support


I’m trying to run flucoma on my M1/big sur machine but Max keeps crushing. I was just wandering if there are any plans to support M1 any time soon?


Hello Arnau

We are investigating the least painful way to distribute M! compatible code. In the meantime I don’t know how confident you are to compile but we have made every effort to make it simple to do. If not, we hope to have something for you soon.



Is this to compile for max running under rosetta 2? If so, I can provide instructions on how to compile from source.


Thank you,

I have the max v.8.1.11 (not sure if that’s running under rosetta 2, but I have been running FrameLib). Not the most confident “compiler” person, but I can try that if it’s possible!

Sounds like you are running under Rosetta 2 :slight_smile:

Compiling can be a bit finnicky if you aren’t comfortable with the command-line but I have figured out the magical words you need to tell the computer :slight_smile:

The first step is to git clone the source code. You can do that by running https://github.com/flucoma/flucoma-max.git on the command-line (terminal.app or powershell.exe) which will pull down a folder of the source code to your machine.

You will then have to cd (change directory) into that folder which was just cloned. The full invocation would be cd flucoma-max assuming you havent done anything after the first step.

Once you’re in that folder now you should run these commands:

mkdir -p build && cd build
cmake -DMAX_SDK_PATH=<location of your Max SDK> -DFLUID_ARCH=-mcpu=native -DCMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES=x86_64 ..
make install

This will require you to have the max sdk somewhere you can point to with the -DMAX_SDK_PATH flag.

This set of things should produce a compiled version of the tools for you which will work under Rosetta 2 Max. just a heads up as well, there is now a public beta of Max which is compiled for M1 too as a fat binary so I imagine we’ll eventually move to have fat externals :slight_smile:

I also thought alternatively I can just give you the externals and you can put them into your package folder as I compiled them for my m1 :robot:

externals.zip (4.7 MB)


Thanks a lot for the explanation/externals! It’s working now :slight_smile:

No worries. The command-line stuff assumes a tonne of knowledge and I don’t want to assume anyone’s level of comfort in that region, hence the prebuilt ones. If you ever feel like digging into the code in that way and need something more guided feel free to ping me here or at jb@jamesbradbury.xyz.


I also (with the help of @a.harker & @weefuzzy) compiled a set of fat binaries so you can use FluCoMa with the new 8.2 Beta.